Retain customers effectively | SmartBon for retail, hospitality and service

Funktionen und Vorteile

  1. Visibility: Your business is visible for every SmartBon user
  2. Social shopping: Users connect via the app and realise extra benefits when shopping jointly.
  3. Messaging: Target your client base directly and with smart targeting in order to inform, activate and retain your customers.
  4. Stats: Monitor the activities of your clients live via a web application.
  5. Cash register: When using SmartBon cash register integration you are able to print QR codes out of your cah register printer and reward your clients based on exact purchase value or type of items bought.
  6. Frequency boost: Reward your customers not only per purchase but also based on frequency, by giving expoentially more rewards with increased frequency.
  7. No PC or other hardware necessary at POS
  8. No initial capex needed
  9. Available on all Android devices and iPhones
  10. Available worldwide in multiple languages
  11. No registration required, clients can use the app anonymousely and without password